Serving Southlake

By Lindsay Polyak

On July 10, more than 60 members of Southlake Baptist Church showed up for a landscaping work day at Carroll High School on White Chapel Boulevard, where the church meets each week for worship. Dads, moms, teens, and kids armed with shovels and rakes weeded flower beds and put down 180 bags of mulch. Professional landscapers also donated their time to trim trees and shape hedges around the school campus as part of an effort to assist the CISD in times of budgetary cutbacks.

Southlake Baptist rents the cafetorium and several classrooms at Carroll High School each Sunday. Preaching Pastor Clayton Reed said, “We have been blessed by our partnership with the Carroll Independent School District over the past nine months and felt it appropriate to jumpstart our own community service initiative by giving back to the school that has been such a help to us.” Reed added, “We are thankful that about 60 of our church members showed up on one of the muggiest days of the year to trim trees, weed flower beds, put down mulch, and clean up trash. Our church is committed to being a light in our community by doing good works.”

Keith Petty, a church member, was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who helped. “Sharon and I were amazed at the turnout on Saturday morning. Expectations would normally be about ten people, but to have more than 60 is incredible given that our church is less than a year old. It simply shows that our church congregation wants to become an active and integral part of our Southlake community.”

Care Pastor Zack Polyak, who previously managed a professional landscaping business while in college, enjoyed the privilege of directing the church’s effort on Saturday. He said, “This effort was a tangible way that our church could use our resources and abilities to give back into our community. The CISD graciously works with Southlake Baptist, providing a place for us to meet, and it was our privilege to give a little back. We look forward to helping out in other areas of our community in the future.”

Cliff Donnelly, owner of Cliff’s Tree Trimming, donated his time to prune about 30 trees on the property. He said, “It was a pleasure to use my tree pruning skills to assist Southlake Baptist in the landscaping project at the school. As a team, we were able to quickly make an impact in just a few hours.” Donnelly added, “The rewards of doing community projects like this one extend into the future as not only school staff and students benefit from a well-manicured facility, but volunteers are blessed for giving of their time as well.”

Campus Pastor Gabriel Spence, added, “As a church we refuse, to be mere spectators in this community; it is our drive to make a difference and ‘be the church’ in our town. Our hope is that we will make an indelible mark on this community – not for our own notoriety but for the good and prosperity of this place we love and call home.”