The Southlake DPS Building

By Bethany Boothe

The new headquarters of the Southlake Department of Public Safety, was dedicated on January 8, 2010, after nearly two years of construction. Located at 600 State St., this state-of-the-art, 80,000 plus square foot structure was customized to both accomodate current community safety needs and meet the challenges that will accompany future population growth. Housing the city municipal and Metroport teen courts, fire station and police department, the DPS building is a critical resource for our city employees as they serve the community.

The 29 million dollar headquarters stands out with its supreme architectural design. When asked his thoughts about the newly constructed facility, Mayor John Terrell said the Department of Public Safety building is, “a jewel that sits on top of a hill … by which people will come to recognize Southlake.”

The facility is also admired for some historical aspects that will gain the appreciation of generations to come. To the left of the entrance is an area with a buried time capsule containing historical momentos of Southlake. City officials inserted a video montage of the 2010 grand opening ceremony and an array of photographs depicting the Department’s history. The time capsule is to be unearthed 50 years from now, in 2060, as a reminder to future generations of the hard work and dedication that went into founding the DPS.

As I toured the ins and outs of the Department, I was struck by its remarkably beautiful and functional features. However, as impressive as the facility is, its prominent structure is overshadowed by the character of the public servants who work there every day. I was fortunate to meet several of the officers and firefighters on duty at the time. Many of them told me about their careers and service to Southlake; many have served more than a decade. As they spoke, I sensed that these men and women consider their jobs more than an occupation. They see serving this community as a privilege and a way of life. The Department of Public Safety facility is our way of ensuring that these first responders have a home base from which to efficiently serve the community.

And serve and protect they do. Research shows Southlake has a violent crimes rate far lower than the state and national averages, making Southlake one of the safest cities to call home. To the police officers, to the firefighters, to the first responders of Southlake, we say “thank you for your service.” From the design of the building, to the dedication of the employees, the Southlake Department of Public Safety truly is a “jewel” that shines bright in our city.