A Quest For Truth

As the world is changing exponentially, our children are facing challenges through social media, school, and the Internet (just to name a few) that test their faith. Darla Smith, children’s minister veteran of 20 years and children’s book author, commented, “ The few hours or minutes a church has with a child are paramount. Children need to see why their faith in Jesus matters to them in a tangible way.”  To help prepare kids for the real-world challenges they will face, the staff at Southlake Baptist Church has developed a ministry called QUEST. Its engaging format coupled with a solid, Bible-based curriculum makes for a captivating opportunity.

Imagine a kid’s worship experience where they come away with all of the things we desire for them spiritually while having a blast doing it! QUEST has been designed in a unique way to do just that! At QUEST, kids rotate between various experiences each Sunday with the hope of fulfilling some specific needs such as increased Bible knowledge, praise and worship, and feeling loved by volunteers, all while having fun!

At 10:30 am, children ages 3 years through 4th grade experience an opening rally that is highly energetic with thoughtful worship, scripture memory and a Bible lesson video. Following the rally, the 3-4 year olds and younger elementary kids (5 years-1st grade) are entertained with a puppet show while the older kids start a rotation to various stations. After the puppets, the 3-4 year olds convene to their own classroom where they listen to an age-appropriate lesson, followed by games and snacks. The younger elementary group then participate in the rotation of stations.  The stations consist of:

  • An age-appropriate sermon with Bible drills, interactive and visual learning, and practical ways to apply God’s Word
  • Theme-related crafts and/or fun games
  • Missions emphasis with stories/videos of Christians who have influenced their world
  • A closing rally with more music and a reflection of the days’ activities

Take a look at what some people are saying about QUEST!

Tyler Reed (4th grader): “My favorite is game time, then the missions’ video and the worship time with Ms. Paula!”

David McCracken (Parent and Quest Teacher): “Kids are willing to listen to a person who genuinely loves them. When they become an adult, many things that are taught at that young age are recalled. God chooses how and when to build on this. It is putting into an eternal safe deposit box where each passing day the deposits’ value is multiplied.”

Elizabeth Yost (4th grader):  “I really liked all of the different activities. We got to move around a lot; it definitely made it fun!”

Jan Miliara (Retired elementary school principal and SBC Children’s Director): “The “Quest” for knowledge about Jesus is presented through music, puppets, a Bible lesson, movement, crafts and learning about real missionaries. Each leader and teenage helper serves as a guide to help our kids have fun while learning. We are so excited to see kids excited about Christ!”

Marie Yost (Parent and Quest leader):  “This new format, QUEST, has been refreshing. It has allowed those of us who lead to really dig into areas that we are passionate about and share that with the kids.  I love that we are all on the same message each week, but with the presentation changed to accommodate each age group. Different things pique different kids’ interests.  This seems to be the right mix of activities, along with the meat of Scripture, that kids need to understand the message and have fun at the same time. Every one of my kids came home from church and can tell me what they learned (even my 6 year old twins)!

Kids today face challenges that previous generations have never faced. QUEST”s new and innovative format, combined with strong Biblical teachings, help prepare kids for a promising future of faith. Check out QUEST every Sunday morning at 10:30 am at Southlake Baptist Church.

For more information contact Paula Smith, Children’s Coordinator, at paula@soutlakebaptist.com.