Why We Chose Southlake Baptist Church

As people who have been Christians for many years, we have learned that when you ask for something from God, you often must wait patiently for His answer. For several years, we prayed daily that God would show us where He wanted us to serve Him as we approached our retirement years. We felt drawn to the area in which we lived, Southlake, Texas, but not led to any specific church until we received a postcard announcing that a new church was forming in our community.

We were seeking a New Testament church that not only presented the Gospel unapologetically and courageously to the non-believer each Sunday but also challenged and developed the mature Christian as well, a place where we heard a profoundness of the Gospel and not a watered-down version or half truths. As we read the information about Southlake Baptist Church on the web site, it was if God were saying, “This is it; this is where I want you.” For us, one of the most impressive facets of this new church is its commitment and passion for the “Great Commission,” planting new churches, not only in the Metroplex but all over the world. The staff’s mission is not limiting the call to start a church in suburbia, but actively and directly supporting local pastors and churches abroad.

It is extremely invigorating to be a part of something from the beginning. Each Sunday we watch SBC grow, knowing that lives are changed and witnessing how God uses His people to achieve His purpose. Opportunities to serve are abundant at SBC, and Bible study through small home groups is motivating and engaging. Also, we are impressed by the wisdom demonstrated by the church staff as they present its direction and focus, always available to answer questions and welcoming input to improve the church.

We are truly grateful to be a part of an exciting and energetic church in a city that we love, and we look forward to seeing God use it in the future.

By Sharon Petty